Jilly’s (and JAX) Unlimited Wash Club is a LIE.


[ uhn-lim-i-tid ]

  1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined:unlimited trade.
  2. boundless; infinite; vast:the unlimited skies.
  3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional.

This page exists because Jilly’s (Jax) Car Wash is deceptively advertising their UNLIMITED wash club.

In the coming days, you will see an account of my experience with the company including the threats of prosecution and getting banned for wanting what we had before and is still being advertised. UNLIMITED Car washes.

You will see chats, and probably be able to hear phone conversations and see how this company treats its customers.

My wife and I were at Jilly’s to pay for a car wash April 13, 2023 when we were approached by an attendant of Jilly’s asking us if we would like to sign up for the Unlimited wash club. We told him that we were members before Winter, and we were going to sign up again when the weather got a little warmer. He proceeded to tell us that if we signed up “today” we would get the first month for only $9.

When I asked what happened to the top-tier membership we had, we were told “It’s the same thing, we just changed the name and price.” So we signed up.

Then yesterday, May 22nd, we went through the car wash at their Brookfield location in the morning and went for a long drive. After the drive, we needed another wash (bugs). So we went to the location near our home and were shocked to see we couldn’t get a top-tier wash, but only a basic. When my wife went inside to see what happened, she was told that on the Unlimited Wash Club that we pay for, we can only get two (2) washes per day, and the second one is limited to a basic.

When I called to try and speak to someone, I got a 23 year-old “acting manager,” Nolen, who told me that their policy overrules any bait and switch laws Wisconsin may have. I was also told I couldn’t speak to anyone else. I then went to Facebook, to place a post on the company’s FB page. Within 5 minutes the post was removed from the page. Then I received a message from the company saying they wanted to call me. I gave them my number and got a call a few minutes later.

The woman on the phone was the “Unlimited” club manager, who kept asking me for my license plate, so she could cancel my membership.

I have since been canceled, banned for life, and threatened with arrest and prosecution should I ever return. I have also been falsely accused of being violent, and harassing – in-person, on the phone, and in messenger. I have all the messages to back that up.

You may tell us your experiences and join our efforts to hold this company accountable for those deceptive, bait and switch style practices.

Please feel free to email me at takenbyjillys[@]gmail.com

If you are a Jilly’s (Jax) customer affected by this, I urge you to file a complaint.

Bureau of Consumer Protection
2811 Agriculture Drive
PO Box 8911
Madison, WI 53708-8911


(800) 422-7128
(608) 224-4677  Fax
(608) 224-5058  TTY​​

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Disclaimer: This is an attempt to hold a company accountable for taking advantage of its customers. This is a protected Free speech exercise. This page will primarily be an accounting of my experience with this company. Yours may vary.

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